Invitation to immigrants and refugees

Labor club of Kallithea

Invitation to immigrants and refugees

The lives of millions of workers are daily destroyed by the economic crisis. Governments try to pass on the burden of the crisis to the working people, in order for banks and bosses to grow richer. The result is unemployment, salaries of hunger and misery. Immigrants and greek workers lose our jobs, while those of us who still work, get salaries that are not enough even for our daily food. Our problems are common and we can deal with them together. Fascists try to divide us and to persuade us that immigrants are to blame for the economic crisis, because they want all of us to be slaves for the bosses and work for salaries of hunger. We believe that we can escape this disaster only if all workers, immigrants and greeks, stay united and support each other. Solidarity is the only weapon we have to confront unemployment, wage cuts and fascist gangs that threaten us all.

Labor club of Kallithea is a space in which we want to meet, immigrants and greeks, workers and the unemployed. In order to support each other and to try to confront our problems together.

We invite all immigrants to come to the Labor club of Kallithea and to participate to its actions.

In the Labor club, we will organize free courses of the greek language for immigrants and refugees, every Saturday 18.00-20.00.

Free courses for junior high and high-school children will also be conducted.

We shall meet at the Labor club on Saturday 21 December, at 18.00, in order to discuss the organization of the courses.


Labor club of Kallithea

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